"CR PRO results from the accumulated experience of more than 20 years, adding Repair, Rehabilitation, Renovation and Feng Shui Consulting services. This experience in the construction, repair and renovation of buildings allows us to say with great pride, that we have contributed to improve the quality and durability of many buildings of our clients. We will continue to build, repair and rehabilitate always in the pursuit of continuous improvement, ensuring every customer our full professionalism and our dedication in the construction or repair / rehabilitation of their homes, meeting their desires and expectations.”
Our vision
To be the quality reference in the Algarve market with special focus in the area of Urban Rehabilitation.
Our mission
To contribute to the improvement of the quality of the dwellings from a simple remodeling to a complete renovation.
Our values
Confidence and Competence. Honesty and Truth. Quality and Rigor. Ambition. Social responsibility project.
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