We build, we repair, we rehabilitate...
We have contributed to improve the quality and durability of many buildings of our clients. We will continue to build, repair and rehabilitate always in the pursuit of continuous improvement, ensuring every customer our full professionalism and our dedication in the construction or repair / rehabilitation of their homes, meeting their desires and expectations.
Enjoy your home with CR PRO.
What they say about us
" It was a great collaboration with excellent professionals
Life takes us where it really needs to be. Sometimes for good, sometimes for bad. In this case, I had some work to do in my house and I spoke with my sister-in-law because I was living in the Algarve. I commented on how difficult it would be to find a serious company to improve my house. A few days later I received a call from the company CR PRO who told me that my sister-in-law had called to ask if they could help me. It was a great collaboration with excellent professionals and Mr. Eng. Victor such a person are no longer made. Always attentive to all our ideas and finding the best solution, besides all a fantastic human being. I thank all of you at CR PRO for your dedication to the well-being of my Family, because here at home we are very satisfied with your work. Many thanks to CR PRO..
Paulo Amado
" The jobs are done in time.
Trust, competence, excellent work and very  nice people to deal with. Very Good relationship. The jobs are done in time. You can discuss different solutions and get professional opinions.
Torgny and Ingela
Some of our clients